Well, As You May Correctly Have Supposed..

This will be the home of my spiffy new blog site. It will be where, over the coming weeks and months, I post my InfoSec related jottings and rambles.

However, for now I’m just a bit preoccupied with the #TryHarder school of failing over and over again until I learn a thing or two about “compuwtrs” in the PWK Labs.


Of Course the problem is…

I keep on finding more and more distractions to occupy me and take me away from what I should really be studying.

For example: The OffSec IRC Channel

This whole HUGO blog thing started right after I had been chatting in #offsec with T0w3ntum (stole your moves mate :D) right after he posted that he has just passed the OSCP exam, He shot out a link to his new HUGO blog. I found myself drawn into finding more out about the HUGO platform after he said he was using Cloudflare to protect his site and I pointed out a small config error he made that would have potentially rendered CF protection useless.

Anyway, I sent him a PM and he fixed it right away. But that was it then. I couldn’t stop reading into the security of the platform. Next thing I knew, I’d spun up a shiny new VPS and installed hugo via apt-get and I was away. All freakin night…

Anyway, in case you too want to find out more about HUGO, check out my other post on here to read more.