64Base Boot2Root

This is my very first public Boot2Root, It’s intended to be more of a fun game than a serious hacking challenge. Hopefully anyone interested enough to give it a try will enjoy the story with this one.

It is based on the StarWars storyline and is designed to Troll you in a fun way.

Just be warned, it’s littered with more than a few “Red Herrings” ;D

* Update *

Now available on VulnHub

Difficulty Rating


Capture The Flags

  • There are 6 flags to collect. Each in the format of flag1{ZXhhbXBsZSBmbGFnCg==}
  • Beat the Empire and steal the plans for the Death Star before its too late.

I Hope You Enjoy It.


Download Link

(*** updated 07/12/16 ***)

Changes in ver1.0.1 - 07/12/16

  • 1. Network adapter changed ‘host only’.
  • 2. Some file permissions changed to make the challenge a little easier.


  • File: 64Base_3mrgnc3-v1.0.1.ova
  • OS: Debian Linux 32bit
  • VM Type: VirtualBox
  • IP Address: DHCP
  • Size: 1.42 GB


Updated 20-12-16

Many of you have emailed both thanking me for creating this boot2root challenge, and asking for a full walkthrough in order to aid their learning. So, here is a complete and full walkthrough as I imagined people might have solved the challenge as I created it. This is not to say there aren’t other equally valid ways in which someone could approach and solve this boot2root challenge.

64base Walktrhough

Please leave feedback and comments below. Including any info on walkthroughs anyone wishes to publish, or bugs people find in the VM Image.

Alternatively email me at [email protected]

At a later date I intend to pick the best ones linked here or sent to me via email and publish it on this blog.

Good Luck & TryHarder ;D